Computer forensics to find the evidence

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Computer Forensic

There are different sectors or domains in the field of computer and each concept benefits the users in different ways. Computer forensics is one of the important sectors, used in investigation related to use of computers and online resources. It is the process of probing the computer through collecting the evidences related to crimes and frauds. For investigation, the evidence is collected and analyzed to generate report about the crime. It is use to find the crime and also to prove whether the crime took place or not. The computer forensic is used by different departments such as military, law, businesses and intelligence.

Computer Forensic

How does it happen?

The evidences found in the computer will be provided to the court for the sake of processing the case with appropriate evidence on hand. Any kind of illegal activities, crimes and frauds can be traced using the evidences gathered from computer. If the person has used the network for doing any crime, it will be found with the evidences in computer by the forensic team. Different kinds of processes are involved in computer forensics. The forensic official not only search the computer for finding the evidence that is done using computer but also to find the evidences stored in the computer in any format though it is not involved using computer.


The evidences such as documents, images, videos and other information will be retrieved for investigation to find and prove the crime.  The information and the files stored in the digital media will be retrieved. The computer system may be work system or personal system; it will be searched thoroughly to find the evidence regarding the crime and the suspect.

Leakage of information

For any business, company and organization data security is very important because the data processing is the most important of any business. Any design, manufacture, production, marketing, promotion and sales plan starts with data. Collection of data is called information which carries a meaning, which is used to get idea, to process and to obtain result.

Each and every company maintains set of data with them based on which they will execute their current and existing projects and also the data they have with them currently will be useful for them to plan or process future projects. In some businesses and companies the employees will cheat the company and sell the important information. They will leak the confidential information and also files through computer system. In such case it is a loss for the company or the business. These kind of crimes and forgeries will be found by computer forensic specialist.

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